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How to Teach Your Dog Practically Anything: the Complete Series

Want to learn how to train your dog to do tricks? This video series will give you all the tools you need to start teaching your dog to do pretty much any trick, obedience command or dogsport you want.

Now that the series is finished, here are all five parts neatly in one place for your viewing convenience.

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  7. Kathy says:

    I bought a clicker and was clicking and giving treats like in the video but the more I did it the more the sound seemed to scare my dog. I would click, she’d back away and reluctantly come get her treat. Do you think if I keep doing small training sessions of just this she’ll get used to the sound? Thanks!

  8. 3LostDogs says:

    It might be better to start with a sound that isn’t so sharp. There’s a few things you can do:

    -Wrap the clicker in a cloth to muffle the noise

    -Use the clicking sound of a retractable pen

    -Have someone stand in a nearby room and click the clicker while you feed your dog treats

    Make sure the click always predicts the appearance of a treat, and not the other way around. You don’t want your dog to learn that a treat means the scary noise is about to happen. Do very short sessions, like you said. Maybe toss the treat toward her so she doesn’t have to approach the clicker. I would focus on desensitizing her to the sound before you start doing any “real” training. So do a bunch of two-minute sessions of just click/treat, click/treat, click/treat.

    Hope that helps. :)

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  10. J. Gerdes says:

    You and your 3 lost dogs are the BEST! Thank you!

  11. misard says:

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