A guide to navigating the challenge and adventure of life with your dogs.

How to Teach Your Dog Practically Anything: the Complete Series

Want to learn how to train your dog to do tricks? This video series will give you all the tools you need to start teaching your dog to do pretty much any trick, obedience command or dogsport you want.

Now that the series is finished, here are all five parts neatly in one place for your viewing convenience.

The ebook: Give Your Dog a Brain

Give Your Dog a Brain is designed to get your out-of-control dog to chill out, focus, and do what you say. It’s based on the work I’ve done with the most hyper, wound up dogs there are: those who have spent weeks or months living in cages in animal shelters. Believe me, if this stuff works with these dogs, it’ll work with yours. The Give Your Dog a Brain kit comes with an ebook and videos. It’s filled with detailed, step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how to get your dog to calm down and listen to you.
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