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Hyper Dogs

Got a crazy, hyper dog?

These dogs can be quite a challenge – they never calm down, they never listen. They pull on leash, they destroy things. They have a hard time focusing on what you tell them, because everything else is so much more exciting! If you’re living with a crazy hyper psycho dog like this and you haven’t lost your mind yet, you’ve got my respect and admiration.

Unfortunately, many hyper crazy psycho dogs end up in the shelter when their owners lose patience with them. I’m sure you don’t want to give your dog up, so check out the training videos and articles on this page. You’ll learn why your dog is out of control, and you’ll learn some effective ways to calm your crazy dog down.

Figuring out why your dog is so crazy:

Video: Why is My Dog Hyper and Crazy and Out of Control? – First things first. Before you can solve your dog’s behavior problems, you have to figure out why he’s like this. Hyperactivity, while common, is not normal and is a sign that something else is going on.

How to calm your hyper dog:

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Need more help than this?

Check out “Give Your Dog a Brain,” a training kit designed to get your out-of-control dog to chill out, focus, and do what you say. It’s based on the work I’ve done with the most hyper, wound up dogs there are: dogs who have spent weeks or months living in cages in animal shelters. Believe me, if this stuff works with these dogs, it’ll work with yours.

The kit comes with an ebook and videos. It’s filled with detailed, step by step instructions to show you exactly how to get your dog to calm down and listen to you. This is the kind of stuff that people pay me lots of money to show them when I come to their house to train their dogs, so get Give Your Dog a Brain and save a few hundred bucks. Click here for more information.