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Puppy Training Games

<small>photo courtesy of Flickr.com/psipsinaki</small>

photo courtesy of Flickr.com/psipsinaki

The rule used to be that you didn’t start training a dog until he was six months old. You couldn’t take a puppy any younger than that to an obedience class, primarily because the harsh methods that used to be the standard are too much for a puppy to handle. Though fortunately this is not usually the case anymore, there is still some merit to the six-months rule: You can’t really expect a young puppy to work on long obedience drills. Puppies generally have the attention span of a gnat.

Wait, let me rephrase that: puppies have the attention span of a gnat unless they are doing something really fun.

So put your puppy’s sense of adventure to good use and play some puppy training games. These are all lots of fun and they give you a solid foundation in basic training that you can build on when your dog is older and ready for more complex training.

Pass the puppy

Get the whole family involved in this one. Give everyone a handful of treats and have them sit in a big circle with the pup in the middle. Everyone takes turns calling the puppy to them, feeding her treats and making a big fuss over her. This is early come/recall training, and it also teaches the pup that people are fun and trustworthy.

Hide and seek

Have someone gently restrain the puppy while you run off to hide and then call her name. When she finds you, praise her and give her treats or a toy. When you first play this, don’t hide yourself too well or the pup might get discouraged. As she gets better at the game you can go farther away and make it harder for her to find you. When one of my dogs was young, we played this game with half the kids in the neighborhood. I’d take her to the park (after she’d learned a reliable recall, of course) and hold her while all the kids ran and hid. Then I set her loose and she took off, searching until she’d “rescued” everyone. Pretty soon, the entire neighborhood knew Friday’s name and this remains her favorite game to this day.

Automatic check-in

Take a walk with the puppy on leash and let her explore. Every time she glances back at you, praise and give her a treat (if you’re clicker training, click and treat), then let her go back to what she was doing. If she doesn’t look at you, say her name or make an interesting sound.

It’s not uncommon for a puppy to catch on quickly and start walking next to you with her eyes glued to your face or hands. If that happens, give her a steady stream of treats for as long as she’ll stay next to you.

I do this with my dogs from the day I bring them home and let me tell you, it makes heel/loose leash/recall training MUCH easier.


Tug-of-war is the best game to play with your dog. It burns off energy and builds focus. Encourage your puppy to grab a toy from you and tug on it. Teach her the “take it” cue when she grabs it, and the “drop it” cue – hold up a treat while she’s tugging and when she releases the toy for the treat, tell her to drop it.

Your turn: this is not an extensive list by any means. What other games do you play with your puppies?

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  1. Just stumbled on your site and thought these were great ideas to share with families with new puppies. I foster tons of puppies and can’t spend one on one time with each but I encourage and supervise play in the pack and try to get each to take a treat gently and 85% potty trained before giving them up to a new home. It is amazing what they teach each other. I also walk 4 on a leash almost every day.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, glad you thought it was helpful. You’re right, puppies are great at teaching each other – the trick is to get them to teach each other the good habits and not the bad ones. :)

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  4. Claire says:

    Just been directed to your website – love it. Just what I need with our 6 month old rescue pup, affirming what we do already and giving me more ideas.

    I’ve tried to buy the package (paypal seems to have gone through) but have been a techno-idiot: somehow paid for it but didn’t give any details as to where to send it?? Any help welcome….

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