A guide to navigating the challenge and adventure of life with your dogs.


3LD is an online resource for dog owners.

It’s a guide to choosing a dog, solving behavior problems, and doing cool stuff with your very own Man’s Best Friend.

Dogs are awesome. Raising a dog can be one of the most worthwhile things you ever do.

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. It’s not always fun. Sometimes taking care of a dog is really, really difficult.

Dog ownership often comes with a lot of challenges that make you want to tear your hair out: The puppy who won’t stop biting. The rescue dog who freaks out when you leave her alone for five minutes. The teenage dog who keeps himself entertained by destroying the house.

3 Lost Dogs wants to help you deal with that kind of stuff. We’re here to guide you through the rough patches and help you build a solid relationship with your dog. We’ve got tutorials, articles, and ebooks full of practical advice that you can start using right away.

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About the Author

3 lost dogs
Jake Buvala is a dog trainer and writer from Arizona. His background is in animal sheltering and dog sports. He spent ten years volunteering in animal shelters: over the years, he held the roles of litter box scrubber, dog walker, dog trainer, people trainer, and adoption counselor.

He trained and competed in agility for several years with his dogs Jonas and Merlin, who are now retired. He once trained a dog to play Toto in a high school production of the Wizard of Oz. That was… interesting.

To continue his professional education, Jake takes classes and keeps up-to-date on the current scientifical understanding of dog behavior. Sifting through the endless sea of information so you don’t have to.

Jake enjoys playing Frisbee with his border collie, putting Doctor Who references in everything he writes, and talking about himself in the third person.