How to Adopt a Dog Ep. 1: How To Mentally Prepare for a New Dog

The rest of the series: Ep 1. How to Mentally Prepare for a New Dog Ep 2. Figuring Out What You Want Ep 3. How to Pick a Dog from a Shelter Links mentioned in the video: Whatever Tomorrow Brings: Important Things to Know Before (And After) You Adopt a Dog How I Survived TheContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Puppy Chasing Cats, Choosing a Dog Trainer, and a Dog Suddenly Becoming Obnoxious

Catman and his plucky sidekick, BiteYourFaceOff Girl. A post shared by (@threelostdogs) on Feb 28, 2017 at 2:46pm PST “My puppy is bothering my cats and I’m having serious doubts.” Hello, We have a 5-month-old Catahoula/pit bull mix. We’ve had her for three months and I’m at a place where I’m incredibly sad. IContinue Reading

Running To You: Updates and Reflections From a Year of Darkness, Light, and Raising Puppies (Yeah, That’s PuppIES, Plural)

Today is September 21, 2017. It’s the one-year anniversary of the death of Lost Dog #2, Jonas, and I feel weird AF. So forgive me if this one contains more navel-gazing than usual. Strap in, y’all. It’s gonna be a roller coaster. Last September, I was fast approaching The Decision. You know the one: whenContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Leash-Reactivity, Anxiety, Aversives, and Rude Teenage Dogs

1. Barking and Anxiety on Walks “I am very stressed with my 4 year old Manchester terrier who won’t stop barking on a walk.  Bark collar was bad and made him more aggressive toward other dogs on walks and created more anxiety so I’m lost.  Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, K” This sounds likeContinue Reading

Ask 3LD, Puppy Edition: Chewing, Housetraining, Resource Guarding, and More

Answering real questions from real puppy owners. 1. Puzzled about puzzle toys (lol sorry) “Hey, Jake! My family and I are future dog owners. We’re doing our homework. Our questions have to do with feeding: How is a dog receiving dinner from chew toys not free feeding? Will a puppy be able to get allContinue Reading

Video: How I Survived the First Three Months With A New Puppy (And You Can, Too!)

UPDATE: If you like this video, you’ll also like Puppy Survival School, our new online course. Click the banner below to check it out: Surviving the Adjustment Period The adjustment period is that awkward stage after you get a new dog where you and the dog are learning to live together, and the dog is learningContinue Reading

How to Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing in 9 Easy(-ish?) Steps

Does your puppy destroy everything in her path? Is coming home from work a time of suspense and trepidation because you never know what expensive item your shepherd/husky mix has eaten? I’ve got ya covered. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get the destruction to stop. Chewing is important for dogs. It’s their primaryContinue Reading

A Simple Daily Routine to Help Calm Hyper Dogs and Solve Behavior Problems

This one’s for you if: Your dog chews up your valuables, digs up your garden or has some other irritating habit Exercise somehow only makes your dog MORE hyperactive You want to deal with your dog’s issues but don’t know where to start If any of these apply to you, let me show you theContinue Reading

A Browncoat’s Guide to Training and Living With Dogs

You know you’re a hopeless Firefly fan when: You suddenly realize that your entire dog training philosophy can be summed up in quotes from your favorite canceled space western. So here ya go, a change of pace from the usual dog training tutorial. This is probably the geekiest thing I’ve ever written (though the endContinue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Training Your Dog to Sit

At last: everything you could ever want to know about getting a dog to put his butt on the ground. Exciting stuff. Seriously though. “Sit” can be hard to get right. A common problem is when the dog sits perfectly well in the living room when he knows there are treats coming, but he totallyContinue Reading