14 Ways to Get Your New Dog to Trust, Love, and Respect You

1. Slow your roll “I’ve had my dog for three whole days, but I don’t love him and he doesn’t love me. What am I doing wrong?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this sentiment from discouraged new puppy parents. You’re not doing anything wrong. This is just how it goes. MuchContinue Reading

How to Get Your Puppy to Stop Harassing Your Cat, Older Dog, and Other Pets

So you got a puppy… but your other pets are not real enthusiastic about it. Puppies are super adorable, yes. But as you’ve probably figured out by now, they can also be super annoying. Puppies play by jumping, biting, and tackling relentlessly. It’s normal, but it can be too much for your resident pets toContinue Reading

Is Your New Dog Making You Miserable? You’re Not Alone

Last updated September 21, 2019 You got a puppy – and it’s turning out to be a lot more challenging than you expected. I mean, you knew getting a dog would be hard work, but holy crap, you were not prepared for THIS. Sound about right? A few years ago, I wrote a blog postContinue Reading

Puzzle Toys: A Beginner’s Guide to The Most Useful Dog Toys Ever

In order to not go crazy, your dog needs a way to exercise his brain. As we’ve already discussed, dogs are mostly working animals. Even your spoiled mutt, currently lying on the floor sniffing his own toes, is descended from a long line of wily, problem-solving critters who spent their days earning every meal. PutContinue Reading

8 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Without Walking Him

Sometimes you just can’t walk your dog. Like if she pulls on leash too hard, or freaks out at every animal, jogger, or wind-blown plastic bag that crosses her path. Outside of training-session walks designed to rid your pup of these issues, you might want to forget about walks for now. And sometimes the weatherContinue Reading

How You Might Accidentally Be Training Your Dog to Misbehave

You know the worst thing about those annoying dog behavior problems? In many cases, we, the dogs’ owners, cause them ourselves. But don’t feel too bad. You see, in addition to being adorable -if occasionally infuriating- dorks, dogs have nearly supernatural powers of observation. They have to, in order to survive in a world designedContinue Reading

Tips for Successfully Adding a Second Dog to Your Family

I don’t know what it is about us crazy dog people, man. One dog is never enough. At some point, we all get the itch to add to our collection. Two dogs can be fun. A couple of goofballs who get along will keep you entertained. They can keep each other company when you’re notContinue Reading

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dog from a Shelter

It can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting when you adopt a shelter dog. See, being stuck in a shelter is a shitty thing for a dog to go through. They were taken from whatever life they knew and thrown into a scary place, surrounded by strange people and dogs. Understandably, their behaviorContinue Reading

5 More Things You Should Know Before You Adopt a Dog

Raising a dog might be one of the coolest things you’ll ever do. It will definitely be one of the WEIRDEST things you’ll ever do. I mean, really. What makes us decide, “you know what I need? A 12 year commitment to a toddler-brained predator beast who will eat up immeasurable quantities of my timeContinue Reading

Whatever Tomorrow Brings: Important Things to Know Before (and After) You Adopt a Dog

It’s May 1st, 2001. Incubus’s ridiculously overplayed new song “Drive” is on the radio. My dad is chauffeuring me to the humane society, and I’m in the backseat trying not to hyperventilate. Three days ago, I adopted my first puppy. Okay, technically, my dad adopted her. Something about me being a minor. Whatevs. I paidContinue Reading