A guide to navigating the challenge and adventure of life with your dogs.

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I Got a Dog – What Was I Thinking?

A guide to surviving life with your new dog or puppy

This ebook focuses heavily on the most common challenges faced by new dog owners: housetraining, puppy biting, and bonding. But it also deals with the more complicated matter of fighting off the monsters in your head. It’s about what to do when sleep-deprivation and self-doubt makes you want to throw in the towel and put the pup up for sale on Craigslist.

Author’s ramblings: in 2012, I began what should’ve been a quick and easy ebook project. (And if I’m being brutally honest, an “easy money” project). It was going to be a basic guide to dog ownership. I figured it’d take a couple months to write. Instead, it took three years. After hearing from a ton of new “puppy parents,” I realized no one needed another basic dog care guide, they needed something… else. They needed the Green Arrow.

So after three years, a lot of rewrites and a lot of crippling self-doubt, “I Got a Dog – What Was I Thinking?” was born in 2015. It turned out a bit different than originally planned, but probably more useful. I’m pretty proud of this thing.

Update: This ebook is temporarily unavailable. I’m getting our new 3 Lost Dogs Academy courses set up, so there’s a bit of chaos and construction dust at the moment. The ebook will be back in a few days, I promise.

-Jake, August 18, 2019