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Ask 3LD: How do I socialize my puppy during a pandemic?

“Hi Jake, Hope you are well and coping in these strange times! My wife and I bought your ‘Puppy Survival school’ and ‘Focus and Come when called’ courses, we are loving the videos and readings! We are due to pick up our Standard Poodle puppy in 6 weeks and I am just getting in touchContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Puppy Chasing Cats, Choosing a Dog Trainer, and a Dog Suddenly Becoming Obnoxious

Catman and his plucky sidekick, BiteYourFaceOff Girl. A post shared by (@threelostdogs) on Feb 28, 2017 at 2:46pm PST “My puppy is bothering my cats and I’m having serious doubts.” Hello, We have a 5-month-old Catahoula/pit bull mix. We’ve had her for three months and I’m at a place where I’m incredibly sad. IContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Leash-Reactivity, Anxiety, Aversives, and Rude Teenage Dogs

1. Barking and Anxiety on Walks “I am very stressed with my 4 year old Manchester terrier who won’t stop barking on a walk.  Bark collar was bad and made him more aggressive toward other dogs on walks and created more anxiety so I’m lost.  Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, K” This sounds likeContinue Reading

Ask 3LD, Puppy Edition: Chewing, Housetraining, Resource Guarding, and More

Answering real questions from real puppy owners. 1. Puzzled about puzzle toys (lol sorry) “Hey, Jake! My family and I are future dog owners. We’re doing our homework. Our questions have to do with feeding: How is a dog receiving dinner from chew toys not free feeding? Will a puppy be able to get allContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: My “Old” Dog is Jealous of My New Dog

Hello 3 Lost Dogs, I have a huge dilemma that has left me wracked with guilt and wondering if I have to re-home my new dog. [My 12-year-old silky terrier] “Sophie” and I have an extraordinarily strong bond. When others are around her she’s always looking for me, and if someone else holds her she’sContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Help! My Puppy Has Taken Over My Life

And now for something different. This is the first of what will be an occasional Q and A column, where I answer real questions from real humans. Today’s column will be useful reading for any puppy owners struggling with their new bundle of joy, or any puppy owners-to-be who want to be as prepared asContinue Reading