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The Uncensored Story of How I Helped My Reactive Dog Get Better

Okay, kids: time for a deep dive into an actual, real-life reactivity success story. In our last article, my wife Erin Buvala told her tale of adopting a severely reactive dog. Check it out: Leave the Light On: A Real-Life Reactive Dog Adoption Story. Now, we’ll go into more practical detail on what the trainingContinue Reading

Leave the Light On: A Real-Life Reactive Dog Adoption Story

Note from Jake: this is the first post on this site not written by me! Everyone, meet my wife, Erin: By Erin Buvala It was one of those summer days when, the minute you open the car door, the strength of the hot air rushing in makes your eyes hurt. My housemates and I tumbledContinue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Helping Your Reactive Dog Get Better

  So you want your reactive dog to calm down and stop being a completely embarrassing nightmare on walks? You’ve come to the right place. Reactivity is a BIG topic. There are many elements, many moving parts. The deluge of disorganized, sometimes contradictory, information you discover when you start looking into it can be overwhelmingContinue Reading

Why Does My Dog Bark and Lunge On Leash? (Intro to Reactivity)

Photo by Frank Pontier All you want to do is take a nice relaxing walk with your dog like a normal person. But every time your dog sees some trigger, be it a person or another dog, or perhaps a plastic bag floating on the breeze, they lose their marbles. Barking, lunging, and generally beingContinue Reading

The Right Way to Use Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning to Help a Fearful or Aggressive Dog

Photo by designerpoint When it’s done right, this method is a beautifully effective and long-lasting solution to a wide variety of fear-based behavior problems. Unlike methods that only suppress the dog’s reaction (which is really just a symptom of their fear), you’re getting inside the dog’s head and changing the way they feel about theContinue Reading

Training a Behavior vs. Changing an Emotion: What All Dog Owners Need to Know

Photo by Lisa Fotios Yeah, I know – dog trainer advice can be confusing sometimes. I mean, I’m always going on and on about how you need to reward behavior you like, and make sure you don’t accidentally reward unwanted behavior. Whatever gets rewarded gets repeated, blah blah blah. But then in the next breathContinue Reading

Four Easy Ways to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging at the Table

It can be pretty annoying to have a dog right up in your face when you’re trying to eat your dinner. Even the most devoted dog nerds among us can find it just a liiitle bit much. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix. This article will teach you how to get your dog to giveContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Puppy Chasing Cats, Choosing a Dog Trainer, and a Dog Suddenly Becoming Obnoxious

Catman and his plucky sidekick, BiteYourFaceOff Girl. A post shared by (@threelostdogs) on Feb 28, 2017 at 2:46pm PST “My puppy is bothering my cats and I’m having serious doubts.” Hello, We have a 5-month-old Catahoula/pit bull mix. We’ve had her for three months and I’m at a place where I’m incredibly sad. IContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Leash-Reactivity, Anxiety, Aversives, and Rude Teenage Dogs

1. Barking and Anxiety on Walks “I am very stressed with my 4 year old Manchester terrier who won’t stop barking on a walk.  Bark collar was bad and made him more aggressive toward other dogs on walks and created more anxiety so I’m lost.  Any advice is appreciated. Thank you, K” This sounds likeContinue Reading

How to Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing in 9 Easy(-ish?) Steps

Does your puppy destroy everything in her path? Is coming home from work a time of suspense and trepidation because you never know what expensive item your shepherd/husky mix has eaten? I’ve got ya covered. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get the destruction to stop. Chewing is important for dogs. It’s their primaryContinue Reading