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How to Live with a High Energy Dog Without Losing Your Mind

It’s almost dawn. I am rudely awoken when something slobbery and Frisbee-shaped is dropped on my head. I open one eye to find Merlin’s face inches from mine, his adorable fuzzy features set in a stern expression. “Hey jerkwad,” he says, “wake up. It’s an emergency!” “What kind of emergency?” “I’m bored.” “That’s not anContinue Reading

From Leash-Puller to Urban Musher: When Dog “Behavior Problems” Are Opportunities in Disguise

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Jonas. Jonas drove his owner (me) crazy with his problem of pulling on the leash. Ever since he was a pup, as soon as you put him on leash he’d run to the end and pull like his life depended on it. This was really annoying.Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility

“I think if every dog owner engaged in agility training with his or her dog, the dog world would be a better place. Agility is that good, that fun, and that important.” – Sue Sternberg, dog trainer, shelter founder, author Can’t argue with that. I got involved with the agility community when I was aContinue Reading