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2 Shelter Dog Myths That Just Won’t Die

These are a couple of myths about shelter/rescue dogs I hear all the time, and am pretty tired of hearing. Why are these two so prevalent? Maybe it’s because rescuing a dog from a shelter is a cool thing to do right now, and these myths help make it seem even more like an evenContinue Reading

Slot Machine Dog Training

“Argh!” groans the dog owner. “I don’t want to have to give Sparky a treat every single time he does something right. That seems really ineffective. He’s gonna get fat and I’m gonna go broke buying all these hot dogs.” This dog owner is absolutely right. It is ineffective to treat your dog every timeContinue Reading

7 Habits of Highly Effective Dog Trainers

Some people are just really good at dog training. They get results and seem like naturals. Does this mean that the rest of us mere mortals cannot hope to be as good as they are? Nope. Ask any one of these “naturals” how they got so good and they’ll probably tell you “with lots ofContinue Reading