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Ask 3LD, Puppy Edition: Chewing, Housetraining, Resource Guarding, and More

Answering real questions from real puppy owners. 1. Puzzled about puzzle toys (lol sorry) “Hey, Jake! My family and I are future dog owners. We’re doing our homework. Our questions have to do with feeding: How is a dog receiving dinner from chew toys not free feeding? Will a puppy be able to get allContinue Reading

What to do With a New Puppy: A Guide to the First Week

You may have dreamed about this occasion for years. Now the day has arrived: you finally have a puppy of your very own. It can be fun, exciting, and as you quickly discover, really overwhelming. You’ve got this little ball of fuzz and sharp teeth wandering around your living room and it’s like, what now?Continue Reading

Dog Crates: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It is my humble opinion that the dog crate is one of the most awesome inventions to hit the world of Dog Stuff since the tennis ball. They’re a great tool for keeping mischievous canines out of trouble, and for traveling. Crates make the dreaded house training process so much faster and easier, since dogsContinue Reading

House Training 101: 9 Steps to a Potty-Trained Pup

Note: This post is part two of a house training series. Check out part one, House Training 101: The Basics Here it is: your simple, magic-secret-free guide to house training your dog. How long this process will take depends on how consistent you are with it and what experiences, or lack thereof, your dog hasContinue Reading

House Training 101: The Basics

Before we get started, there are a couple of things we need to get out of the way first: One – Yes, you CAN house train your dog. It takes some commitment, but so does anything that’s worth doing, right? Take a deep breath. I believe in you. Two – Accept that there WILL beContinue Reading

Mischief Management: a Key to Solving Dog Behavior Problems

When I adopted my dog Merlin, I made a couple of rookie mistakes. One: he was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision; my life and home were not prepared to handle a six-month-old border collie. And two: I let him have free run of the house and yard way before he was ready- before he understoodContinue Reading