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Ask 3LD: How do I socialize my puppy during a pandemic?

“Hi Jake, Hope you are well and coping in these strange times! My wife and I bought your ‘Puppy Survival school’ and ‘Focus and Come when called’ courses, we are loving the videos and readings! We are due to pick up our Standard Poodle puppy in 6 weeks and I am just getting in touchContinue Reading

Training a Behavior vs. Changing an Emotion: What All Dog Owners Need to Know

Photo by Lisa Fotios Yeah, I know – dog trainer advice can be confusing sometimes. I mean, I’m always going on and on about how you need to reward behavior you like, and make sure you don’t accidentally reward unwanted behavior. Whatever gets rewarded gets repeated, blah blah blah. But then in the next breathContinue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Puppy Socialization

Coronavirus update: The pandemic has complicated this whole socialization thing. Click here for my thoughts on socialization in the age of social distancing. *puts on best infomercial voice* Would you like your puppy to grow up well-behaved and free of major behavior problems? Are you looking for an effective way to burn off that endlessContinue Reading

Puppy Supplies Checklist: Everything Your New Puppy Needs (and What They Don’t Need)

Here’s a handy guide to all the stuff you’ll need when your puppy comes home. This list ties in to the 3 Lost Dogs training philosophy, and it’s all meant to help you raise a happy, well-behaved puppy who stays out of trouble as much as possible. The list is divided into the Essential suppliesContinue Reading

How to Adopt a Dog Ep. 2: Figuring Out What You Want

The rest of the series: Ep 1. How to Mentally Prepare for a New Dog Ep 2. Figuring Out What You Want Ep 3. How to Pick a Dog from a Shelter Links mentioned in the video: How to Adopt the Perfect Shelter Dog – a free ebook available when you join the 3 LostContinue Reading

How to Adopt a Dog Ep. 1: How To Mentally Prepare for a New Dog

The rest of the series: Ep 1. How to Mentally Prepare for a New Dog Ep 2. Figuring Out What You Want Ep 3. How to Pick a Dog from a Shelter Links mentioned in the video: Whatever Tomorrow Brings: Important Things to Know Before (And After) You Adopt a Dog How I Survived TheContinue Reading

Ask 3LD, Puppy Edition: Chewing, Housetraining, Resource Guarding, and More

Answering real questions from real puppy owners. 1. Puzzled about puzzle toys (lol sorry) “Hey, Jake! My family and I are future dog owners. We’re doing our homework. Our questions have to do with feeding: How is a dog receiving dinner from chew toys not free feeding? Will a puppy be able to get allContinue Reading

Video: How I Survived the First Three Months With A New Puppy (And You Can, Too!)

UPDATE: If you like this video, you’ll also like Puppy Survival School, our new online course. Click the banner below to check it out: Surviving the Adjustment Period The adjustment period is that awkward stage after you get a new dog where you and the dog are learning to live together, and the dog is learningContinue Reading

A Simple Daily Routine to Help Calm Hyper Dogs and Solve Behavior Problems

This one’s for you if: Your dog chews up your valuables, digs up your garden or has some other irritating habit Exercise somehow only makes your dog MORE hyperactive You want to deal with your dog’s issues but don’t know where to start If any of these apply to you, let me show you theContinue Reading

Ask 3LD: Help! My Puppy Has Taken Over My Life

And now for something different. This is the first of what will be an occasional Q and A column, where I answer real questions from real humans. Today’s column will be useful reading for any puppy owners struggling with their new bundle of joy, or any puppy owners-to-be who want to be as prepared asContinue Reading