A guide to navigating the challenge and adventure of life with your dogs.

Getting a new dog


Getting a puppy? Make sure to check out the puppy care and training page, too.

How to Adopt a Dog: The Video Series

And check out our free online course: Dog Speak 101

Being able to read canine body language is an important skill for anyone who owns a dog. This twelve-video course from the 3 Lost Dogs Academy will give you a basic, yet detailed, introduction to the wonderful world of canine body language and communication.  Did I mention it’s free? Click here to sign up.

And here’s everything else we’ve got:

Before you get a dog

How to Adopt the Perfect Shelter Dog – An animal shelter is a great place to find a new pet. But walking into a shelter full of “lost dogs” isn’t easy – you’ll want to take them all home! This 21-page guide will walk you through the decision-making process that will help ensure you go home with the best pet possible. Get it for free when you join the 3 Lost Dogs email list.

Preparing for dog ownership
Choosing and adopting your new dog


Caring for your new dog

Good habits from the beginning

One of the most important parts of training a new dog is preventing bad habits from forming. These two articles can help with that:

House training your dog

If there is one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of almost all new dog owners, it’s potty training. But housebreaking doesn’t have to be difficult.

Dog Crates: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Crate training is by far the easiest way to housebreak a dog. Just be careful – dog crates are easy to misuse.